Saskatchewan's agri-food exports reached a total value of $18.4 billion, the second highest in Canada.

Agriculture Minister David Marit says these numbers demonstrate our progress toward the $20 billion agri-food export target in the 2030 Growth Plan.
Overall, agri-food exports account for 35 per cent of the province’s total exports of more than $52.4 billion.

Saskatchewan's top five agri-food export commodities were canola oil at nearly $3.5 billion, followed by non-durum wheat sales at $2.84 billion, canola seed at $2.7 billion, lentils at $1.9 billion and durum at $1.8 billion.

Our top five international agri-food markets include the United States at $6.1 billion, China at $3.3 billion, Japan at $1.2 billion, Mexico at $994 million and Algeria at $575 million.

Saskatchewan’s export market is well diversified, with sales of over $250 million each to 15 different countries in 2022.

Stats show that in 2022, value-added exports were $5.4 billion, accounting for 29 per cent of total agri-food exports, an increase of 26 per cent compared to the previous year. 

Canola oil, canola meal and processed oats were Saskatchewan’s top value-added export products, with the United States being the largest market for us at $4.2 billion.

In fact, almost 70 per cent of the province's exports to the U.S. in 2022 were value-added products.

Trade and Export Development Minister Jeremy Harrison says it's clear that Saskatchewan has what the world needs.

Saskatchewan's total exports have grown by more than $20 billion since 2012.