107.5 Bolt FM and DiscoverHumboldt.com have provided some funding for a local singing showcase put on by Arts Humboldt.

Last year the $2,500 was used as prize money, this year the same contribution will also go towards the winner of the event.

Arts Humboldt Treasurer Brian Grest accepted the cheque Wednesday.

"We awarded something to first place, second place and third place," he explained. "This will be our second annual event, we haven't picked a date for it yet but it is coming up sometime in the future here."

This year the station again provided a $2,500 donation.

Grest says they are changing the prize format some what this year.

"The prize package is going to be directly related to a recording contract or a recording session and helping people fund themselves sin the studio."

Grest says some timing has also altered their plans for the winner.

"We ran the winner's showcase at Streetfest last year but timing just didn't work for us this year to roll it out at Streetfest this year so that's why we're going to do it a little bit later. Like I said, the one small change is the money is being targeted more directly about getting the artist in studio to record their work."

A date for this year's Soundcheck should be finalized within a few weeks.

You can hear more from Grest in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.