It was a busy weekend for the 18U teams, with the 18U AA Muenster Red Sox taking on the North Battleford Beavers on Saturday, losing the close game by one point. 

The Beavers snatched a win away in a 9-8 loss for the Red Sox, setting the mood for the weekend for the Muenster team. 

The team would take on the Unity Cardinals on Sunday, with a devastating 14 - 0 loss for the Red Sox. The Sox played back-to-back games against the Cardinals, taking their final 12 - 2 loss for the weekend. 

The 18U AAA Red Sox also had a few games take place on Friday, taking on the South East Twins. The Red Sox would fall behind early on the first Friday game, ending it 10 - 1, but would make a return in the second game, winning 7 - 4. 

The 18U AA’s next game takes place Monday, July 4 at 6:30 pm. The AAs will take on the Saskatoon Blue Jays in Marysburg. 

The 18U AAA’s next game will take place Monday, June 27, at 4:30 pm at James Korte Field, where they will take on the WhiteSox in back-to-back games.