The Humboldt Broncos Lottery of Cash wrapped up on Saturday, April 2, with some lucky people walking away with a bigger wallet. 

The winner of the $100,000 grand prize was Howard Schemenauer from Lake Lenore; Schemenauer was surprised to hear the news. 

“I had actually forgotten when the draw was, and the result I guess, was I was picked the winner.”

Schemenauer stated he does not have any plans for what he will do with the $100,000, thinking he wouldn’t win the grand prize. 

The winner of the 50/50, Dorothy Lake, from Saskatoon, walked away with $44,762.50. 

Those weren’t all the draws, with the subsidiary prize draws also being done on April 2. 

The $5000 winner went to the Humboldt Sobeys Team from Humboldt.

The $2500 winner was Shawn and Lorna McGrath from Leroy.

Two winners walked away with $1000, Howard Richardson from Imperial and Freida Currie from Saskatoon. 

Five people walked away with $500:

  • Shirley Lamoureux – Glaslyn
  • Miles Peterson – Mortlach
  • Lyle Pigula – Spalding
  • Joe Scheiber and Donna Robinson – Humboldt
  • Edward and Howard Heichman – Perdue

The Humboldt Broncos wanted to thank all those who donated. The Broncos also wanted to thank their volunteers for their work during the 28th annual lottery.