Every year when we look down our list of people to buy for there are always a few that are hard to nail down an idea.

It's usually tough because these people usually have everything they want. Here is a quick list of easy but thoughtful presents.

1. A donation in their name. (Pick an organization or cause that this person is passionate about.)

2. Baking. (Everyone loves fresh baking, also a great idea if you're strapped for cash.)

3. Sentimental items. (Find a good picture of the two of you, print it, and buy a frame.)

4. A Game. ( Whether it be Monopoly, Dutch Bltiz, or Operation any game is a good idea... Unless the receiver hates games, in which case they don't deserve a present.)

5. Gift Cards. ( A no brainer if they are a real stickler. Find out what their favourite store is and purchase a gift card. This also works for people who need clothing but you don't want to buy the wrong size.)


There are a few gift ideas to go on but feel free to add yours!  Head to the 107.5 FACEBOOK PAGE and lets us know your holiday gift ideas.