The construction on 5th Avenue in front of the post office in Humboldt should be completed enough Friday to at least open the road to traffic.

"It has a 100 year-old watermain that we are replacing," Director of Public Works and Utilities Peter Berquist explained Friday morning. "Once that water main is replaced we will put in the proper base work, it will remain partially gravel until next year and then we will tear out the rest of the asphalt, put brand new pavement down and it will be one of the nicest roads in the city."

Following their work there they will move on to the 200 block of Main Street to replace a section of sewer and water mains, they will do the same work on the 300 block after that.

Berquist mentioned that 9th Street will be used as a detour route during that work. He adds that portion of Main Street will be completely redone this season.

"We're aiming to get pavement on Main Street this year though so we don't have gravel issues through out the Spring and Summer on Main Street."

The city is going to set up a temporary water supply to businesses on these two blocks during the time frame of the work.

A two week span is estimated for the Main Street work weather permitting.

These projects along with some water system work along 13th Avenue near the golf course which will be connected to the Water Ridge area to increase flows are the last scheduled jobs of the season.

You can hear from Berquist in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.