Sometimes old age isn't something people want to celebrate, in this case however there was plenty of reason to celebrate.

St. Dominic School in Humboldt celebrated its 60th Anniversary on Saturday, October 26th. If you haven't already done the math, St. Dominic School has been around since 1959.

Currently, St. Dominic School is part of the Greater Catholic Saskatoon School Division with thousands of students from Pre-K to Grade eight passing through the halls over the years.

"We've had a lot of people who have been committed to catholic education and we've had several generations families come through our school and we really appreciate having new faces," said Celeste Leray-Leicht with St. Dominic.

To celebrate the occasion the school held an open house that started at 3 PM on Saturday with the public able to observe old photos and awards dating back all the way to when the school first opened up in 1959. Afterwards, a mass took place in the St. Dominic Auditorium.

"We're just grateful to have a wonderful school community and for the support of the families," stated Leray-Leicht.

St. Dominic is looking forward to another 60 years of new students and memories.