The Humboldt Public Art Committee has announced the placement of 8 new storyboards around Humboldt to share the community’s history. 

The project is called the “Sense of Place” storyboards, with the Art committee saying the project was created to share information about the city’s past that you may not be able to see today. 

The project is a partnership between the Public Art Committee, the Museum, local businesses and organizations. 

“This is a continuation of the first eight storyboards already in place. We appreciate the local property owners and businesses who consented to provide a space for the storyboards. We also had wonderful interviews with local folks who shared some great stories,” notes Jennifer Fitzpatrick, Director of Cultural Services. “We can’t possibly share all the history on one sign, but it is a great way to get ‘a sense’ of this place.” 

Funding support is from the Friends of the Museum & Gallery, says the release, as well as “Elizabeth’s Place Inc” for the three storyboards about St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, School of Nursing and St. Elizabeth’s Convent.

These 8 new storyboards bring the total count up to 16 around the city. A map of the placements can be found here. 

Listings of the new placements can be found below. 

Sense of Place Storyboards Listing