The Saskatchewan Government says that the 2023 - 24 provincial budget sees continued investment in First Nation and Métis communities across Saskatchewan. 

The budget set out targeted investments to support First Nations and Métis services and initiatives, including what the Government calls a record-setting $92.4 million in gaming payments. This is all thanks to the estimated casino profits, as well as the estimated new online gaming profits, which are generated through The website was launched on November 3, 2022, and is the province’s first and only online gaming and sports betting site. 

“These record-setting investments will have a significant impact on Indigenous communities across the province, as we continue to support and work with First Nation and Métis partners,” Minister Responsible for First Nations, Métis, and Northern Affairs Don McMorris said. “It is a great example of the innovative partnerships and profits that generate funding to support Indigenous-led initiatives throughout Saskatchewan.”

The Ministry of Government Relations distributes allocated casino gaming profits to the First Nations Trust, the Community Development Corporations, and the Clarence Campeau Development Fund following the 2002 Gaming Framework Agreement and The Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Act.

The Government of Saskatchewan says in a release that in the 2023 - 24 Budget, $249.1 million in targeted funding has been provided for First Nation and Métis organizations, which is an increase of more than 6.8 percent from last year.