Today is Green Shirt Day, an invitation to register as an organ donor and a celebration of the life of Logan Boulet who started the movement with his donation. 

Logan’s father Toby, his mother Bernadine and his sister Mariko carry on the work on the foundation that created the Logan Boulet Effect, the unprecedented groundswell of support and registrations. In the second part of our chat with Toby Boulet, he reflects on the importance of the Humboldt Connection, the family’s Saskatchewan roots, and the annual Logan Boulet Golf Tournament.

The Boulet’s have maintained a close connection with Humboldt and Broncos families that were important in Logan’s life. The community held a special place in his heart, as Toby explained in an emotional recollection. 

“Logan loved Humboldt; he loved playing there. He loved things about it. One of the things he loved the most, and it might seem silly, but if you screwed up or you took a dumb penalty, the crowd knew it and they told you. In other rinks, they booed you but they didn’t know why they were booing, but in Humboldt the fans were incredibly educated and they loved it.”

He laughs that Logan revelled in the fact that he could go for gas without wearing a Broncos hoodie, and the fans knew who the players were. 

That loyalty and love of the game and the Broncos keeps the Boulets connected to billet families and players’ families. Logan’s time in Humboldt allowed Toby to reconnect with his Saskatchewan roots. Toby Boulet started his life in southeastern Saskatchewan. His father came from a now defunct community, Dumas, near the Moose Mountains. His mother hailed from another once active community, Cantal, a bit further to the south. The family moved to Alberta when Toby was the age of two, so the memories are thin, but there is still family in the province. Toby and Bernadine headed to the region last summer, he recalls.

“Dumas is just a cross in the road with an old concrete sidewalk. Logan would love to text me to remind me that he lived longer in Saskatchewan than I did.”

Of course, the Boulet’s maintain their connections with the province by returning to Humboldt for events where Logan’s contributions continue to be recognized. The family was welcomed by Premier Scott Moe and a host of Saskatchewan dignitaries for the launch of Green Shirt Day this year. They’ve participated in the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Golf Tournament, just as players and families have flocked to Lethbridge, Logan’s hometown, for the annual golf tournament held in his name. The sold-out tournament is held at Lethbridge’s Paradise Canyon Golf Club on June 25. 

“We team up with the Humboldt Memorial Golf Tournament. They purchase one of our major sponsor prizes, and we donate money back to Humboldt. This year, half the money is going to the Chapel Program, run by Sean Brandow, and half the money is going to the Broncos’ Tribute Centre. We’ve guaranteed over $10,000 dollars this year.”

The work of the Boulet family continues on this Green Shirt Day. In the final analysis, the wearing of the green is a symbolic gesture. The important message is to have that sit down with family and those important in our lives and make the commitment to register as an organ donor.