A fast tracking low combined with winds from the north gave much of Saskatchewan its first taste of winter on Sunday. In Humboldt and area, the snow started accumulating late Sunday morning and overnight has amassed the predicted 10-15 cm. Along with temperatures hovering near 0 and strong northerly winds driving it, roads are snow covered in many areas with rough ice slowing traffic down. Highway 5 east and west of Humboldt are subject to icing, so motorists are advised to adjust to icy winter driving conditions. Reduce speeds and increase following distances. 

The low is heading east and north to Manitoba, and much of the activity is expected to clear out today. Daytime highs for the next couple of days won’t rise much beyond the freezing point. The sun will make an appearance and daytime highs will head into the low plus category on Thursday.

Environment Canada says the southern part of the province was hit harder with roads in the Moose Jaw area remaining closed as of early this morning.