The first ever Festival of Frights, put on by Big Brothers Big Sisters Humboldt, was an unqualified success, says Director Jodi Hergott. Just over 675 people went through the gates to experience an evening of frights at the Humboldt Vintage Club. The event ran for several weekends prior to Halloween. 

“We were extremely thrilled to have that many patrons in our maiden year,” says Hergott. 

It was an event that came together with the efforts of many - the organization’s core of volunteers and members of the community who stepped forward. 

“When we assembled the walls, we had 10 people on hand just to do that. We had about 25 volunteers to help pull off this event - we were blessed in that we had that many step forward.”

Hergott confessed that she had heard of people who had attended similar events in other locales, and she and her volunteers were pretty sure it would go over big in Humboldt. Halloween events have gained traction over the years, and the group felt Humboldt was spoiling for a fright. She says they are already in the planning stages for next year’s event. The venue is likely to remain the Humboldt Vintage Club given how well the space worked out this year. 

“It truly is a great space - it’s got the room, and it’s certainly got the ambience at night.”

The event over a series of nights brought in about $10,000, another great reason for tackling a sophomore year. 

“We were absolutely thrilled, and it tells us we should consider making this a signature event for Big Brothers Big Sisters Humboldt.”

On behalf of Big Brothers Big Sisters Humboldt, Hergott sends out thanks to all the volunteers, the Humboldt Vintage Club for hosting the event, the sponsors who put faith in its success, and the Royal Bank for taking admission on some nights.

Here’s looking forward to an equally scary sequel next year.