The fishing season will be getting underway here in the southern part of the province on May 5. 

Meanwhile, the new fishing season begins May 15 for the central zone and May 25 for the northern zone. 

The Bow fishing season opened on April 20 and is permitted for carp and sucker fish only. Fish taken by bow cannot be released or wasted. Bow and arrow are considered a firearm so it cannot be used in provincial or regional parks, provincial recreation sites, or federal migratory bird sanctuaries. 

Residents are reminded that it is unlawful to fish without a licence unless the angler is under 16 years of age, a Saskatchewan resident senior, or an individual with a recognized Treaty or Aboriginal right to fish for food in Saskatchewan. 

The transportation of fish that are skinless, cut, or packaged so that the species, number, and length cannot be determined is illegal. Live fish also cannot be relocated or used as live bait. 

Under The Fisheries Act, fines can reach up to $100,000, imprisonment for up to 12 months or both for violating fishing regulations.  

You can find more about fishing regulations on the Government of Saskatchewan website.