The Secret Case of Sherlock Holmes, the latest dive by the Humboldt Theatre Club into the world of British comedy, is a topsy-turvy, helter skelter romp with a cast of colourful historical characters in a world where nothing is what it seems to be. Reminiscent of 70’s television Brit coms with a Monty Pythonesque edge, the cast hooks the audience from the opening of the play into the Victorian world of Holmes and his long-suffering compatriot, Dr. Watson. 

In this production, Holmes is a fledgling sleuth with one case under his belt, and Keegan Adair brings an earnest but inept Johnny Depp inspired quality to the character. In contrast, Ben Donaldson’s Watson is the erstwhile sidekick doing his best to keep Holmes mental meandering in check. 

An accidental time travel trip, courtesy of the mysterious Mr. Wells (Felisha Benitez), lands the detective duo in the 21st century, smack dab in the middle of a delusional swamp of characters, a murder, a series of thefts, and a land of mirthful confusion. 

Rachel Wormsbecher’s sincere Dr. Freudley tries to hold the rag tag crew together – among them Count Dracula (Allison Sterling) with a more than unslaked blood lust, an axe wielding Lizzie Borden (Lisa Remple), the ultimate power couple Queen Victoria (Bronwyn Warkentin) and George Washington (Charla Koenders), a mayhem causing Tarzan (Dylan Burton), and the scene-stealing, over the top lascivious antics of Marilyn Munroe, brought to life with zest by Helen Weyland.  

A swirling cast of household characters keeps the audience guessing throughout the show. There’s enough Brit-inspired one liners and manic misdirection to delight any comedy lover. 

The play continues tonight (Friday, May 3) and throughout the weekend at the Humboldt Gathering Place.