The weekend rain let up on Sunday in time for the Humboldt Vintage Club’s Car Show and Open House. The event drew exhibitors and car enthusiasts from around the area. 

Murray Hergott, president of the Vintage Club, says that it’s been a number of years since the Club has hosted an auto show.

“We’re hoping to see around 25 cars and if it works out, we’ll try this next year again. It could be a really nice project.”

As the cars rolled in, the enthusiasm for vintage autos was clear. From T-Birds to Corvettes of different vintages, class Merc trucks, a built from the ground up hot rod, all the way to the newest Ford Mustang, the array couldn’t have been wider.

To round out the day, Josie Stroeder was on hand to guide visitors through the vintage tea house, newly painted with new windows. 

Enjoy a quick tour.