For those considering the prospect of post-secondary education, mark April 20th on the calendar for the St. Peter’s Open House Extravaganza. The Open House Extravaganza will provide tours of the campus and its facilities, but the event will offer an “insiders” perspective on university life 

“We’re excited to announce that with this event, we are looking to explore what a day in the life of a university student would look like,” explains Student Services Support Manager Jayden Engele. “The plan is to have our instructors on campus and have scheduled classes so that students would be able to come out and experience that university life.” 

The classes would expose prospective students to some course content, different teaching styles and expectations for success in programs. The day is designed to demystify some of the daily routines so that students transitioning from high school or other walks of life will have a sense of the university experience.  

The in-class portion of the day caters to all university students regardless of whether or not St. Peter’s is their destination, says Engele. St. Peter’s College offers classes accredited by the U of S, the same classes offered in the colleges on the main campus. The difference will be in class size, student-instructor ratio, and the kinds of interactions students can expect from instructors.  

“Besides all that, we have the day designed for a few different things,” Engele says. “We have a grab and go breakfast, followed by a presentation to get to know the place you are in and who you’ll be speaking with for the day. We’ll have a fantastic lunch made by our amazing kitchen staff. For students who are looking to stay in residence on campus, they’ll get a glimpse of the amazing meals.” 

The campus tour will familiarize students with the extensive, picturesque grounds steeped in natural beauty. They’ll also experience the fully equipped fitness centre and the gymnasium and sports complex with the rink.  

For more information on the Open House Extravaganza or to find more information, head to the St. Peter’s College Website.