Access Communications has been making the rounds throughout the province this summer with its Free Barbecue tour. As the tour wraps up this week, the bold braziers hit the streets of Muenster on Tuesday, Bruno on Wednesday and a final flame-filled festival in Strasbourg on Thursday. More than a marketing effort, it’s a way for the Saskatchewan-based communications and security service provided to give back to the areas they serve.  

We caught up with Martin Smith, regional manager with Access Communications, at the well-attended barbecue in Muenster.  

This is one of fifty barbecues that we’re doing this summer across the province,” said Smith. “The Barbecue tour is a way to give back and say thanks to our customers, and maybe meet some potential new customers. But it’s mainly to give back to the communities we serve on a daily basis and say thank you.” 

As part of its commitment to its partner communities, Access Communications also takes part in other initiatives such as providing graduating scholarships for its communities’ schools and through its fund to support children in need.  

“The Access Communications children’s fund is focused on helping youth at risk. For example, non-profit organizations will apply for funding through the Children’s Fund. It’s another way we can contribute to communities and help out children and youth in need.” 

Access Communications has been a staple of cable television service through its local productions, and its products and services have expanded and improved over the years, says Smith. 

“We have a number of different products including TV, internet, home security and phones. In a lot of our communities, we provide the same internet speeds and TV channels as you can get in places like Yorkton and Regina. It’s exciting, and being here in Muenster today, we’re looking toward upgrading our services in the near future. It’s exciting for us and it’s exciting for small town Saskatchewan.” 

Having the technological amenities of a big city with the many appeals of small-town life is all part of the experience that Access Communications hopes rural customers enjoy, says Smith. 

When it comes to enjoyment, there were no doubt that local residents and members of the business community enjoyed the free burgers, smokies and beverages provided by Access Communications during its summer Free Barbecue Tour.  

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