The latest cattle marketing report shows an increase in activity.

Saskatchewan feeder cattle volumes totaled 7,860 head sold over the last week, up from 6,274 head marketed during the same week last year. 

Feeder steer prices ranged from $340.83 per cwt for the 300-400 pound weight category, to $236.83 per cwt for the 900+ category.

Meantime, feeder heifer prices ranged for the 300-400 pound category was at $262.67 per cwt to $212.50 per cwt.

According to the report, feeder heifer prices have increased in all weight categories compared to when the full range of prices was last reported on December 16, 2022. 

Overall, feeder heifer prices were up an average of $12.32 per cwt from the December 16th report.

D2 slaughter cows jumped $5.04 per cwt from the week before to average $98.79 per cwt.

The price of D3 slaughter cows were up $2.50 per cwt to average out at $87.00 per cwt. 

The rail price for non-fed cattle in Alberta was unchanged on both ends ranging between $190.00-200.00 per cwt.