Humboldt and area hosted a special guest throughout the day on Monday.

The Minister of Advanced Education, Scott Moe explained his visit, "Donna Harpauer, the local MLA and I had the opportunity to tour both the colleges in the area, St. Peter's College as well as Carlton Trail College and to really give myself some context on what their offering there to the people in the community and abroad and how they tie into being a member of the community as well."

He said these colleges are very important to the province, "they're very much needed, they're part of the communities, they're part of forming the educated societies that we want and people are taking that. We've added significant investments with the trade centre in Yorkton also recently here in Humboldt at Carlton Trail and also with the renovations that have happened out at St. Peter's."

The small colleges also increase success rates since studies can be done close to home and in a comfortable setting.

All in all, the Minister was very amazed with the two schools, "the partnership between Carlton trail and St. Peter's with how they offer their programming and it's really complimentary of one another and I think it really gives the opportunity for a great sweep of programming for the people not only in the area but the people that do choose to attend either of the colleges so I was just very impressed with how everyone was partnering together for the betterment of everybody in the area."

He added that colleges such as these also help to cut wait times in trades.

To hear more from Moe in his full interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork click below.