Agriculture Minister David Marit has proclaimed October 2-8 as Animal Health Week in Saskatchewan in recognition of the high level of care ranchers provide to their livestock, the veterinarian-client relationships that inform animal care decisions, and the links between human and animal health and the environment.

"Saskatchewan producers are rightfully proud of the care they provide to their livestock, and Animal Health Week is a chance for us to learn more about it - both from them and from the veterinarians who do so much to support them," Marit said.

Animal Health Week has been an annual event for more than 30 years, proclaimed nationally by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and supported by the Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association.

"The physical and mental well-being of the human population is intricately connected to the well-being of our animals and environment," SVMA Vice President Sarah Allin said. "Veterinarians are passionate about our central role and responsibilities supporting livestock producers, pet owners, government and environmental agencies. Together we are working toward the goal of One Health and sustainability."

This year's national theme is "Habitat Protection and Pandemic Prevention" which showcases the responsibilities of Canada's veterinary professionals within the national One Health community, which safeguards the health and safety of animals and, consequently, people and the environment.

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