For another day, motorists on the east side of the province will contend with icy road conditions and high winds moving snow.

Saskatchewan's Highway Hotline is currently not recommending travel on Highways 5 and 20 and on many other roadways in east central and south east Saskatchewan as of Thursday morning. Last night, the RCMP reported over 50 calls for assistance over a one hour period last night. A charter bus collided with a semi on Highway 1 near Sintaluta forcing the closure of the highway.

Again, caution is advised on roadways if you must travel today. Check the Highway hotline for details. RCMP advise that if you decide to travel, ensure your vehicle has lots of fuel and that you have extra warm clothes, snacks, water, a phone charger and a snow shovel on hand. Also consider stocking your vehicle with traction mats, a tow rope or chain and a booster cable.