The Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan {APAS} is speaking out against the Federal Governments proposed changes to the Federal tax rule impacting small business corporations.

Todd Lewis, President of APAS, says explains impact the proposed changes could cause.

"It can cause some real hardship for people as they exiting the industry and for the young producers that want to enter the industry."

Lewis adds that with more and more farms being intergenerational farms, the changes would affect the farm transfers between family members. 

"There could be more tax burden when land is a changed from intergenerational between family members," Lewis said. "Adding a big tax bill on any intergenerational change isn't going to help our industry at all and there's going to be fewer people involved if it cost a huge tax bill to get into the industry."

APAS says with Harvest underway they would like to see the Federal Government delay the changes and move the comment period which is set to close October 2.