Fans of floral gardens and visual art won’t want to miss a fabulous outdoor event coming up this weekend. It’s the second annual Art in the Garden Show and Sale on July 16 and 17 at the Lowes’ Acreage located five minutes east of Watson on Highway 5. Signs will be in place to guide you to a wonderland of native and cultivated plants and art workshop opportunities. 

The expansive garden will play host to a variety of events including some painting workshops that people can sign up for. Perennial and annual displays are set up with clear and convenient walk ways. For the first time, host Melody Lowes says she will be offering a plant swap option for those who want to exchange more than just ideas. 

The garden is a product of 20 years of work, says Lowes who began the project at a critical time in her life. It’s a testament to the restorative powers of the natural world.

“I started it in small chunks, a little bit at a time,” Lowes explains. “I was going through kind of a rough patch in life and it became a real place of healing for me. I would see signs of resilience; after hail, something would still be blooming.”

During her horticultural journey Lowes began writing and blogging about the evolution of the garden and she’s even produced a book. That journey included learning, some trial and error, foraging for rocks to display, designing pathways and planting to enhance the overall look of the garden. As the garden continued to expand and mature, Lowes entertained the idea of inviting others to share her appreciation.

“A few years ago, I decided it’s too beautiful to keep to myself - it’s time to share.” 

Lowes’ garden is anchored by a collection of around 90 different types of lilies and an extensive hosta collection. From there, the entire garden is divided into themes with a cottage garden, along the old English style, a bog garden for wetland plants, and a brand new poets’ garden with inspiration taken from Lowes favorite poetic works. Other offerings include a woodland plants area, a native plants garden, and an area for fruit bearing plants. 

Local vendors will be on site, including Jeff “Auroraman” Burton, Peanut Pals’ crocheted works, artisans with various handcrafted goods, and the 12th City Artists collective with work for sale. Mexican and More will be providing food for purchase, while the Englefeld Grad Class will be selling cold treats for what is looking to be a warm summer day. 

Lowes says those who want to participate in the plant swap should bring a perennial to exchange and so everyone can become adventurous in their gardening.

The show and sale goes on Saturday, July 16 from 10:00 am - 5 pm and Sunday 1:00 - 5:00 pm. Admission is by donation. More information is available on the Art in the Garden Show and Sale Facebook page.