(content provided by Horizon Central Athletic Association - Brian Grest)

Each year, the Horizon Central Athletic Association recognizes the contributions of key individuals who contribute to school athletics. The HCAA Recognition Awards are typically presented at the 2022 HCAA Spring Meeting, but the meeting was held virtually, thus changing both the timeline and method for the presentations. Recipients have received their awards in a personal presentation. Follow our series on the eight worthy recipients. 

Greg Harcourt (Quill Lake School) 

Greg Harcourt has been an outstanding parent-volunteer at Quill Lake School. He is a dedicated volunteer coach and parent who promotes and supports athletics in the school and the community. Greg is a very competent and qualified curling and volleyball coach. He has selflessly given much of his time and expertise to others in coaching senior girls volleyball and curling at the school. Greg has instilled the love of curling in Quill Lake students. For many years, he could be seen with the “little rocks” developmental program, organizing the annual youth spiel on Family Day for grade 3 to adult age, and coaching the school’s junior and senior curling teams. His teams have had great success, including the 2019-2020 SHSAA provincial bronze medal in senior mixed curling. Greg’s involvement transcends the school as well. He has been an active member of his community, coaching and organizing minor ball and the Quill Lake ball tournaments. He is also on the sports grounds committee. The school and community of Quill Lake most certainly understand how important Greg’s contributions have been and continue to be.

Tiffany Cyr (Punnichy Community High School) 

Tiffany Cyr is a parent-volunteer at Punnichy Community High School. Throughout the last number of years, Tiffany has been instrumental in making it possible for the senior girls volleyball program to run. She has opened up her house after practices to give the players somewhere to go until they were able to get home. This also included opening up her home on weekends so athletes could be closer to the school for early morning departures to tournaments. She has also driven to and chaperoned at several tournaments and overnight stays. She has helped to provide snacks, made breakfasts, and encouraged all of our players through her enthusiasm cheering on the sidelines. Tiffany also greatly assisted the coach in recognizing, understanding, and solving issues that the players might have been having. She was a 'mom' to the whole team, and the school community is incredibly lucky to have her as a part of it.