(content provided by Horizon Central Athletic Association - Brian Grest)

Each year, the Horizon Central Athletic Association recognizes the contributions of key individuals who contribute to school athletics. The HCAA Recognition Awards are typically presented at the 2022 HCAA Spring Meeting, but the meeting was held virtually, thus changing both the timeline and method for the presentations. Recipients have received their awards in a personal presentation. Follow our series on the eight worthy recipients. 

Rhonda Kelly (Imperial School)

Rhonda Kelly has been a part of Imperial School and its athletic program for many years now. She has been an integral part of having sustainable programs such as cross country, junior and senior golf, junior volleyball, and junior basketball. Rhonda Kelly’s willingness to coach is evident even when she does not feel incredibly comfortable coaching a particular sport. She offered her time to coach junior basketball and spent hours learning the game and offering her team an opportunity to play a sport they love. She endeavors to create opportunities for students to be part of something bigger than themselves. Rhonda definitely shows this by being actively involved in the yearbook and community functions. Without Rhonda, there would be a huge void in the school and the community. Rhonda selflessly gives of her time, while still finding time to run with her busy, sports-minded family and to be a stellar teacher and LRT. She is so passionate about cross country that she went out of her way to host a challenging course at the local gravel pits. She has taken multiple golfers (her daughter included) to SHSAA Provincials where they finished well. Rhonda is also an active member of the community and is the first to jump up and volunteer if there is a need for a coach to run a program. She is a willing coach, and teaching true life lessons in character development for all of her players has been a big priority in her coaching. Rhonda’s easy-going and humble nature, along with her ability to motivate athletes to be their best, is admirable. She exhibits and instills sound character qualities into her students and athletes. Rhonda embodies that good things happen with patience and hard work. Student-athletes thrive in her programs as she applauds them for achieving their personal best. 

Clayton Parobec (Humboldt Public School) 

Clayton Parobec began his school athletics coaching in Horizon School Division in his internship at Humboldt Collegiate where he was instrumental in assisting with the junior and senior football teams. He also organized and ran a Junior Jamboree for the Grade 9 and 10 players. In his first tenure at Humboldt Public School, Clayton, coached track and field, flag football, junior boys volleyball, and junior badminton while also acting as the schools athletic director. He then departed to Three Lakes School in Middle Lake where he helped coach junior flag football, badminton, and senior boys volleyball in addition to his work as school principal. Clayton returned for his second tenure at Humboldt Public School as principal. At Humboldt Public, Clayton has coached several sports including flag football, cross country running, and track and field in addition to numerous coaching roles and opportunities around the community of Humboldt. Clayton values the important role that athletics play in creating a positive school climate. He ensures that resources are available for students to participate and compete. He encourages and is appreciative of all help offered by his staff and community coaches. He also ensures that equipment for the athletics program is of a high standard. Clayton is a role model for the students and a mentor to staff as a coach. He is regularly prepared for practices by running appropriate well thought out drills that he himself demonstrates. Clayton is highly encouraging in both practices and games, exuding passion for all aspects of interactions with students and fellow coaches. Fair play, teamwork, and sportsmanship are consistently modeled and observed in his coaching. Clayton’s complimentary rapport with the students of HPS on their achievements in their activities whether in or outside of school is another example of where his values lie. Clayton Parobec is the embodiment of what it means to be an HPS Panther. He realizes and utilizes several avenues to promote Panther Athletics including social media, school announcements, and school celebrations. His involvement and impact on all of its programs is paramount in maintaining the athletics programs at HPS.