The Humboldt and District Museum and Gallery is lighting up its barbecue fundraising season with a cookout and show on Wednesday, June 8. It’s all in support of the Historic Humboldt Water Tower. Local performers Brian Grest and Walter Bushman will be providing the entertainment on the steps of the Museum over the noon hour. 

Sixth Avenue will be closed from Main Street to the alley behind the Museum to accommodate the event, says Jennifer Fitzpatrick, director of cultural services. 

“We’re going to be putting out tables and chairs - people can bring their chairs. It’ll be a nice safe space. We’ll be having chalk art and some fun for kids. You can grab a hamburger and listen to some great tunes.”

Kids will be able to decorate the space with art, hopscotch and tic-tac-toe games while the adults enjoy a mealtime gathering and the concert. Grest and Bushman will be reprising their collaboration from last summer's concert in City Park. 

Proceeds from the barbecue go to the Humboldt Water Tower Committee, explains Fitzpatrick. 

“Of course, when you have a lovely historic site like that, it does require maintenance. So the water tower funds itself through admissions to the tower as well as through fundraisers such as this. One of the long term projects that we’re putting money away for is to do some repainting of the entire tower. That helps protect the tower, and we just want to ensure its longevity.”

The tower will be opening for tours on July 6 during the afternoons on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The refurbished tower is unique in the province in that visitors can scale the spiral staircase to a spectacular view of the city and its surrounding area. 

More barbecues, in conjunction with the Humboldt Downtown BID, will take place throughout the summer.