A new SJHL hockey season may be a couple months away, but for the Humboldt Broncos, there is a need to secure billets for the players now. Talented Junior A players make their way from across Canada to run with the Broncos and provide a season of outstanding hockey entertainment for the fans. Those players need homes and family supports during their season, and the call is out by the Broncos for player billets.  

“It’s instrumental to what we do in Humboldt,” says Broncos Head Coach Scott Barney. “Billets are a big part of it when we bring these boys in from out of town and far away. They become a big part of your family. I know from my own experience in my playing days, I still keep in touch with my billet families. It’s a great experience when we bring them into this wonderful community of Humboldt.” 

The reward for the player is a safe and supportive home for the season, but there are rewards for the boys’ billet hosts, notes Barney. 

“You do different events with them. You grow with them, you see them move on to university – one day you end up at their wedding. For young children in the family, they’re some great role models. And they’re great for our community – it’s an adored community here in Humboldt. You make them part of that and help them grow. It’s a big part of our organization to show these guys around the community in Humboldt.” 

Whether it’s with the Special Olympics athletes or at community barbecues or appearances to support the area’s charitable organizations, there is no doubt that Bronco have made valuable contributions in the community. Often as not, they go on through hockey or subsequent careers to bring pride to the Broncos organization. Billet families are an important part of that shaping experience. 

The Broncos organization extends the invitation to Humboldt residents to open their homes as billets for the upcoming season. If you are interested, contact the billet coordinator at (306) 231-4508.