Do you have a problem with birds in your garden this year?

The listeners have spoken, and the birds are really bad this year. I wonder if that's because we had such a harsh winter and lack of food?

I did some research for you.

1) Aluminum foil

-put it around the plants they bother the most

-put it in the dirt in the rows so when they peck the ground it scares them away

-hang the colourful party streams around your garden the sun reflections will scare them off

2) Baking soda

-Sprinkle it everywhere they are landing they don't like the feeling on their feet

3) Fake Predators

-grab a fake snake or two from the dollar store and place it in the rows. Birds don't like snakes

-make sure you move them around every so often because the birds will clue in that they are fake if they don't move occasionally 

Let me know if it works!