Bowlers from all around the province will be travelling this weekend to Humboldt’s Kemway Lanes, as they host their annual Cash Spiel Tournament. 

18 teams from Humboldt, Wadena, Saskatoon, Nipawin, and Regina with varying degrees of abilities will participate in the event. 

“We have some young bowlers, some older bowlers, brand new bowlers, some that bowled right from little that went through the YBC program; there’s quite a few of us that all went through YBC and have come back as adults and are competing in bowling as well,” says Jamie Dufault, co-coordinator for the event. 

“Our bowling community has increased a lot in the last couple years which is due to having one of the best “small town” bowling alleys in Saskatchewan and a very hands-on board of members to represent and manage our bowlers. Bowling tends to be a forgotten-about sport, and this is a great opportunity to showcase it.”

Competition for the tournament should be tough, says Dufault. “Lots of our bowlers that are bowling this weekend have competed at provincial and national levels. There’s quite a few of us bowling this weekend that have been to internationals a couple of times.”

The tournament starts Friday evening with two shifts at 7 and 9:00 pm. Things start right back up on Saturday from 9 until 11:00 pm, with the finals taking place Sunday.