The Humboldt Broncos Memorials Committee, comprised of representatives of the 2017-2018 Humboldt Broncos Families, Humboldt Broncos Board members, Humboldt Public Art committee, and City Council, released an update on its activities. The release came via the City of Humboldt's web page. 

The release states that DCG Philanthropic and volunteer committees have been working diligently with both potential and committed donors. Recently a substantial pledge from a nationally recognized corporation has been confirmed and another very generous gift of $160,000 was received from an anonymous national organization. 

“We are so grateful for these supporters and their generous gifts. Success in achieving our vision for the Tribute Centre and the Roadside Memorial will come from supporters like these, as well as from all levels of Government, the corporate sector and philanthropists. Although we have a ways to go, it is clear that there is a desire to see the plans for the memorials come to fruition and it seems we are picking up momentum,” said Ed Tobin, father to Parker Tobin and a member of the Memorials Committee.

“The potential of a new home for the Humboldt Broncos is very exciting when looking at the future of our hockey club,” said Andre Kruger, President of the Humboldt Broncos Junior ‘A’ Hockey Club. “This would attract many passionate and enthusiastic athletes who would have top-notch training programs available to them and the support to achieve their goals.”

The release also notes that consultations and arrangements are underway with the Ministry of Highways, SaskPower and the RM of Connaught, No. 457 regarding the reconstruction of the site to allow for a permanent memorial at the site of tragedy. The Memorials Committee anticipates that all consultations and agreements will be complete by spring 2023, and once all regulatory approvals are received, the first phase can move forward. This first phase entails removing vegetation to open up a parking lot and walking path, construct a ditch along Highway 335, and some regrading to the property. Preliminary conceptual plans are being designed by an engineering company that has offered their services to the initiative.

The Humboldt Broncos Memorials Committee would like to thank everyone for their generous gifts and continued support.