As the Humboldt Broncos look to improve on the ice, they're also looking to improve off the ice, bringing in more funds to the team as they come off a down year financially.

One of the new initiatives was the Seed for Green, Harvest for Gold farming fundraiser, that President Jamie Brockman says did quite well.

"Net profit to the organization on that fundraiser is going to be just over 43-thousand-dollars, so that's a real shot in the arm that we needed, and (we are) thoroughly thrilled with the help we got on that fundraiser."

With the massive success of the fundraiser, comes some disappointment as well, as ticket sales are down quite a bit to start the new year.

"Season tickets aren't where we'd like them. We are about 20-thousand-dollars off last year's sales. We do have our ten pack tickets coming out here, so hopefully that will help pick up some of that slack," he stated. "Twenty thousand down eats into that 43-thousand profit pretty quick, so hopefully people jump on board with our ten packs, and we'll see where that gets us."

The team is also looking for some volunteers to help not only on gameday, but with the behind the scenes work that it takes to continue to put a team on the ice.

"We have something for them, whether it be fundraising, or helping out in our kiosk. We are looking for a financial adviser that would guide us on our finances. We're looking for an education adviser that could help get the players SAT's, and be that go to for the players. We do need game workers all the time."

Brockman added that the club will welcome any prospective board members once their annual general meeting is held, which he says will likely be near the end of October.

With another new head coach and general manager in the fold in Darcy Haugan, Brockman has been quite pleased with his efforts thus far, both behind the bench, and within the city.

"I've got a lot of good feedback from the community too. He's been reaching out and talking to people, getting to know people. We're very happy so far into his tenure. He's an individual, he's passionate about wanting to get better every day. I think we're in for some good times here with Darcy. He's a really good fit, we're really happy."

The Broncos return to action on Tuesday night when they host the La Ronge Ice Wolves at 7:30. As part of a new promotion, Toonie Tuesday will feature two dollar tickets for those age 18 and under.

Additionally, the City of Humboldt is offering special prices on food at the concession from 5:30 to 8:00pm on Tuesday game nights.


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