Unprecedented worldwide support and donations have been gratefully accepted by the Humboldt Broncos over the past ten days.

Now, the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Fund has been established and an advisory committee is being formed. They will make a recommendation for the allocation of the funds, which will be held in trust until that allocation occurs. Once the committee is formalized, an update will be provided.

“While we wanted to get this dealt with sooner rather than later, to be honest, our primary focus is doing this accurately and properly, as opposed to having some sort of rush timeline to get it accomplished,” said Broncos' Team President Kevin Garinger on Monday in Saskatoon.

The GoFundMe page will close on Wednesday. DONATE HERE

Meanwhile, Garinger also announced a new and separate initiative known as the Humboldt Strong Community Foundation that will handle money collected in other fundraisers

“We’ve been humbled, and our spirits buoyed, by the staggering number of individuals and groups wanting to make donations, or holding fundraisers to support our organization, as we deal with this unprecedented crisis,” Garinger said.

The HumboldtStrong Community Foundation will support Humboldt Broncos players, employees, families, and volunteers, as well as first responders and emergency services personnel, teams, athletes, related organizations and communities affected by the bus crash.