As if this weekend’s double header against the Estevan Bruins weren’t enough, the Humboldt Broncos are amping up the excitement with the Player/Staff Auction and Shootout. It’s one of the most anticipated and fun fan and club interactions of the season, says marketing manager and voice of the Broncos, Rory McGouran. 

“Friday is going to be the auction where fans get to bid on the players who are going to be in the shootout. There’ll be all the staff and we’ll have a couple of mystery shooters as well, maybe even some former Broncos who you can bid on. ”

The bidding takes place in the lobby of the Uniplex after the game on Friday, and then on Saturday, following a second exhilarating match between the Broncos and Bruins, comes the shootout. The bidder of the player in first, second or third will take home a percentage of the accumulated pot for the auction. 

“New for this year are two events - the fastest skater competition and the hardest shot competition,” McGouran says. “Four players will enter the fastest skater competition - people will have a chance to bid on those players as well, and if your guy wins it, you take half the pot.” 

A pair of speedy Broncos will go head to head for a lap and work their way down to a final pair for the payout.

“We’ll have three players enter the hardest shot competition where we have a radar gun to measure the hardest shot,” says McGouran. Once again, the winning bidder in the hardest shot competition takes half the pot.

“It’ll be a great two great days of interaction with the fans and the players, and of course two great games against Estevan as well.”