A Humboldt man is bringing the city to life with the help of a comic book.

Jeff Burton is getting some help with Humboldt based father, teacher and superhero Auroraman.

"A friend of mine created the character and based him off of me and another friend who writes comics out of Winnipeg was like yeah, this is great! I love teachers, I think they're fantastic, let's make a teacher a superhero."

Burton had Auroraman already created so everything eventually fell into place for the introductory issue. The eight page publication will be released during Comic Con at the Summer Sizzler.

Burton describes how writing a comic varies from penning a short story or a novel with the obvious large difference of animation.

"That changes a little bit of it but you still have to convey to the artist how you want it to look and what direction you want it to take. In this case I am sending photographs of specific places in Humboldt that are going to end up in this story and in future stories down the road."

Burton says comic books still have a place among youth and he is hoping that the launch of Auroraman opens the door for local kids to feel as part of the story.

"There is still something that can't be beat by tactically holding a book, turning the pages, you know that wonderment and enjoyment. I have taken a lot of comic books into classrooms when I am teaching right now and kids just dig into them and they are like this is great, this is awesome."

Burton is excited about the timing of the release, this year marks the 75th anniversary of the first Canadian comic book superhero, Nelvana of the Northern Lights which was released in 1941.

Burton is also accepting advertisements for the publication that will be printed at St. Peter's Press in Muenster. You can contact him at 306-231-7443 or email jeff.burton@usask.ca

You can also hear more from him in his interview with Bolt FM's Clark Stork below.