The City of Humboldt is coming up on another busy construction season when it comes to infrastructure and road work. Residents will see a number of projects under way at different points and in different locations throughout the summer.

Peter Bergquist, director of Public Works, takes us through the plans.

“2023 is going to be a very busy and significant season for the city of Humboldt. There will be quite a few large projects going on, so we’ll be busy in different sections of the city.”

One of the areas to receive attention will be 14th Street from 6th - 8th Avenues which saw the replacement of a water line last year. This year, curb and concrete work will be done on that section, along with paving. Work is expected to start in May to June on the concrete with paving to follow later in the summer. 

A road expansion is planned for 12th Avenue between 21st Street and Peck Road. The new road will create a connector to the north end of the west side developments. A water main to service the new lots will be going in followed by a gravel road. The road may be paved in the future as development warrants. 

Work begins on the Carl Schenn Park dry detention pond project this summer. The pond is designed to contain rainwater in the area during downpour events as part of the City’s flood mitigation plan. 

“We’ll see an excavation of the north end of Carl Schenn Park,” Bergquist explains. “There will be landscaping, trails going in, and some new trees and garden areas. That will be happening later in June to August and possibly through to October when the finishing touches go in.”

Third Avenue from 11th to 16th Streets will be the site of another water main project, along with a section of 12th Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues in May through June. A third water main project will take place on 11th Street from 6th to 8th Avenues. New water mains and road reconstruction will be happening in the July through September time frame. 

Another critical piece of work happens with the railway crossing on Main Street as work begins on leveling out the bumpy crossing. Working with CN, the plan is to install precast concrete. The timeframe for the work is unclear, but motorists can expect detours to be in place as the crossing will close for the work.  

Sewer main lining will happen on King Crescent and the 800 block of 10th Street. 102nd Street from the Highway to 6th Avenue on the city’s east side will be built up and clay capped to provide dust control.

The massive wastewater project is still in the design phase, says Bergquist. Time lines and tendering will determine the actual start date of the construction. Throughout the summer season, residents will see city workers busy with street sweeping, pothole filling and patching, along with other seasonal maintenance work.

It will be a busy summer for city and contracted work crews, all in aid of bolstering the infrastructure and making Humboldt a safer and more attractive place to live.