The increase of property taxes over the past couple of years was on the minds of a delegation from Caleb Village in Humboldt as they approached City Council at last Monday’s regular meeting. The challenge faced by condominium owners was an average 25 percent increase in property assessment over the previous year, resulting in a tax increase of roughly the same amount. Those concerns were relayed by Grant Hofmann on behalf of the delegation from the Caleb Village Condominium Corporation Board. The concerns were originally raised at the Board’s annual general meeting on August 25, 2021. 

At that meeting, the idea came about to request that the City of Humboldt establish a new classification, or a sub-class for assessment, that would address the needs of residents. Hoffman cited precedents in Saskatoon and a document presented to Humboldt City Council outlined a similar move in Regina.

“The reason for this would be to establish a different tax category, and thereby a different mill rate, from  other condominiums,” explained Hoffman. “Our complex is different than other condos. This complex has privately owned units as well as rental units. It can accommodate residents with handicaps, with assisted living available there.”

Hofmann explained that facilities differed as well with no sheltered parking in place. The delegation noted an 11 to 24 percent increase in assessment which Hoffman said resulted in tax increases out of proportion with other condominiums in Humboldt. Hoffman referred to his own situation where a slightly smaller unit in another location had a $600-$700 tax assessment lower than his own. 

According to a document presented to City Council, the basis for the request of reclassification for Caleb Village is that it is the only condominium property of its kind in the city. The submission pointed out that the total space assessment includes a dedicated main floor space for communal recreational activities, entertainment and meals. It notes that those considerations drive up the assessments of the condo units.

In response, Mayor Michael Behiel stated that Council and the city’s administration are addressing mill rates in the coming days, and that the information presented would be taken into account in determining a decision.