A local baseball player will be heading off to Richmond, BC this weekend for the 14U Girls Baseball Western Championships. 

Camden Suchan and her father, Brett Suchan, who will be helping coach the team, will fly out on Thursday, August 17, and return Monday, August 21 for the Championships. 

“I feel we have a very good chance of doing very well there. We have a very good team, good coaching staff, and I am very excited about it,” said Brett Suchan. 

“There are two teams from BC, they have a developmental team as well joining the fold there, and then bets from Alberta and bets from Manitoba, so it will be good.”

Camden played 15U this season with the Humboldt Dodgers in the Sask Premier Baseball League and tried out for the 16U and 14U Team Sask. It would be an impressive accomplishment for the 14-year-old pitcher to have made the younger squad. For Camden to have made the 16U team as well is a testament to her skill, her improvement, and her work ethic.

Suchan says Camden’s year was great playing with the Team Sask. U16 group, despite the age gap of her being 14 years old. 

“Her season was pretty good, I know jumping up from the 13U to the 16U this past year was definitely a big change for a lot of the kids that I coached, using wooden bats and all that, but she pitched well, she held her own, and didn’t look out of place at all. She did absolutely fine.”

The 16U National games will take place on August 24th and will go until August 27th in Summerside, Prince Edward Island. 

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