Cattle producers are being advised to be prepared, have a game plan and keep their eye on the market.

That’s the advice from Cattle Trends Market Analyst Anne Wasko.

Wasko says this fall in just 7 weeks we saw the U-S Feed Cattle and Live Cattle Market dropped $30 U-S per hundred weight, it’s been extreme,  one may say it was one of the most historic declines.

"What drove that we're a lot of things, the global economic slow down kinda being one of them, lots of pork and poultry as we continue to move through the year and look to 2016 but the straw that broke the camels back was the very large supply of overweight cattle in the US especially in the corn belt region."

She says the market seems to have settled down and found some strength.

Wasko adds the markets still remain very volatile from outside influences like weather, trade and exchange rates.