The Canadian Cattle Association has been actively working on some key issues of concern for producers here at home, in the U.S. and internationally.

The CCA's general manager Ryder Lee says they're closely monitoring what's happening south of the border with their 'voluntary' Product of the U.S. Labeling legislation. 

He says they're watching to see if it changes how cattle are procured or beef is sold.

"We're working on making sure that this isn't just mandatory Country of OriginLabeling that makes our cattle and our meat discounted in the U.S. If it's round two of that, we're quick to remind lawmakers and others in the U.S. that we still have the WTO ruling that allows for retaliation up to a billion dollars and aren't afraid to bring that to bear if they're just dressing that same thing up in a new label."

He says at this point it's working its way through consultation and he's hoping they can preclude it from coming into play in a way that we know is going to have negative effects.

Another key focus is of course is what's happening here at home on Parliament Hill.

He says there's quite a bit of legislation that they're leaning in on in Ottawa including some that are trade-oriented.

"Bill C-282, we'd love to stop that 'cause you know it's bad trade policy that would limit what negotiators can talk about in the future. And you know, our Canada, US, Mexico agreement is up for review in a couple of years. We want to make sure our negotiators can do all the things that they can do when that time comes."

He notes there's also work to be done around regulations, trade with the U.K., and the cash advance program which is set to drop back down to $100,000 interest-free - they'd like to see it stay at the level it's currently at $350,000.