While you may not be “Alberta Bound” there, Lightfoot, you will feel some sweet warm breezes today as Humboldt and area wakes up to plus temperatures. 

It’s part of a chinook movement of air coming into the province from the southwest. It’s thanks in part to a northerly swing in the jet stream that’s blocking colder arctic air from descending, says Environment Canada and Climate Change meteorologist Terri Lang. 

“It’s putting us on the warmer side of the jet stream, so lots of warmer air coming in with southwesterly winds. With temperatures hovering at or above freezing, we’ll probably start losing some of our snowpack."

It’s also bound to make for some messy conditions on area roads, so motorists will need to keep plenty of windshield washer fluid on hand. Daytime temperatures will keep highways clear, but there are risks when the temperature drops at night. 

“Unfortunately, there’s going to be a freeze saw cycle through the week, and there will be enough snow to melt. When it melts on the road and the temperature drops below freezing, then we have problems with black ice.”

Warm temperatures are expected to peak today with a high near plus five. Daytime highs on the weekend will float around the freezing mark before a mild system moves in Sunday brings fresh snow. In that system’s wake, more normal temperature patterns will be restored with Tuesday’s forecast high of -11 and an overnight low of -20. 

So watch for icy spots, but enjoy the warm wind in your face - it’s not here for long.