Humboldt City Council sought ways to generate additional revenue at Monday night’s regular Council meeting after the budget process demonstrated a need for a bump in revenue. 

A report presented to council that the City needed to raise an extra $365,829 in tax revenue in 2024 compared to 2023 to complete planned projects. The report states that the budget increase would be an estimated 4.58 percent if applied uniformly to all municipal levies applied to all taxable properties. 

In developing the tax policy for 2024, Council heard from Administration that the recommended pathway was an increase to the Infrastructure Levy and Road Levy as well as an increase to the mill rate. The report detailed that the Road and Infrastructure Levies had not increased since 2019 and that was a $5 sum. 

While the uniform mill rate increases from a value of 9.606 in 2023 to 10,035 in 2024, one mill rate factor was adjusted to offset an undue increase. The factor for multi-residential apartments would see a recommended drop from 1.550 to 1.500.  

The Education Mill Rate set by the province is set to remain the same providing some relief to taxpayers on that front.  

Administration concluded that the proposed adjustments would raise the additional funding. Council passed the policy allowing the adjustments to proceed.  

Full details are available in the report at