Humboldt is prepared for more residential growth along its west edge. Humboldt City Council passed first reading on a bylaw amendment that would deal with an application to subdivide a land parcel in the Westwood Residential Developer Lot. The first reading was passed on Monday, April 25 at the regular city council meeting. 

The size of the lot parcels being considered by the developer required a rezoning of the parcel in question and the resulting change to the bylaw. The proposed lots would be larger than the average city lot size, notes the report presented to Council by the City’s planning coordinator. 

In that report, the City notes that administration will work with the developer to address any concerns regarding infrastructure and servicing. 

Council had questions about the ability of current lift stations to support the capacity needed in the development. The City noted that the infrastructure is there, but that the development would likely put one adjoining lift station at full capacity. Council also discussed options for drainage of the parcel given the current moratorium for drainage to the north. 

Following the adoption of the first reading, the City will now advertise the zoning amendment prior to hosting a public hearing. Owners of any affected properties and those within 75 metres are being notified by mail.