Humboldt City Council heard a proposal from a delegation looking to spearhead work on a north end park  along 16th Avenue. The hope is to see a green space that houses various recreational amenities.  

Kimberly Ries spoke on the potential of the project. She, along with her husband Avrom Ries, envision a wheelchair accessible playground, a dinosaur dig, a multi-sports court including two pickleball courts, a tennis and a beach volleyball court, a hockey rink with basketball nets, a skating warm up shack which would include washrooms, seating with a picnic area, and walking trails with greenery. 

“We have been in discussion with the Director of Community and Leisure Services since May of 2023 in regard to the project,” Kimberly outlined to Council. “Currently, there is no green space park in the northern part of Humboldt, except for Peace Park which is small. We are aiming to make a destination park that would be available all seasons.” 

Kimberly says the area is rife with young families, and the zone needs a place for children to safely play away from the streets. 

A quote from 1Stop Playgrounds of Humboldt set the installed value of the equipment at $719,742.87. Kimberly said costs would be reduced with a quoted discount from the supplier and with Avrom Ries as the project manager to initiate site prep. Additional costs would include gravel, sand and landscaping materials.  

The two-tiered layout and the dinosaur dig make for some unique features, explained Kimberly. The lower base of the play structure and picnic tables are designed to be wheelchair accessible.  

For the organizing group to be eligible for grants, it requires the approval of City Council which sparked the presentation at Monday’s Council meeting.  

Councillor Rob Muench inquired as to how the proposal meshed with preliminary work already done by the City’s Community and Leisure Services Department. Department director Mike Ulriksen said that while some of the amenities proposed by the spearhead group were new, many of the intended facilities were in line with a needs assessment and concept plan done by the City.  

Council agreed to continue discussions and communicate their decision as to if and how to move forward.