A recommendation to renovate the Convention Center was presented to City Council during its regular meeting of City Council on Monday, April 24. 

“The Convention Center washrooms were identified several years ago as a key project that we would need to address at some point in the future,” said Michael Ulriksen, Director of Community and Leisure Services. 

It was said that conceptual plans and estimated costs for the washrooms were made in 2019 to bring the facilities up to today’s standards and expectations but were put on hold over the past few years with the uncertainty around the Broncos Tribute Facility Project. 

“We didn’t want to go ahead with too many projects at that time in the Convention Center, not knowing what the future of the other facility might be. Knowing now that we are probably still a little ways away from doing that, and maybe on a different scope, we have now refocused back our attention on the Convention Centre.”

The project is currently listed on the City’s five-year plan for the 2024 budget; however, Administration says that given the construction window and vision for the facility, the timeline should be shifted to 2023.

Council says that a window exists between August 14 and September 4 where a shutdown of the washrooms is possible, saying in a release, “We believe that our envisioned upgrades to the space could be accommodated within this timeframe, but only if proponents are given enough lead time to procure supplies and schedule required labor.”

Council says the estimated cost of the renovation is $120,000 and is to be funded from the Uniplex Reserve. 

The Uniplex Reserve currently has $63,000 of which $50,000 was designated for a previous Convention Centre project that did not move forward, says Council. 

“The remaining portion of the project, the $70,000 would also be funded through that reserve, drawing the reserve into a negative balance to be replenished within the 2024 budget, the year the project is currently scheduled to be completed,” explained Ulriksen. 

Council passed the recommendation and is now working to finalize the project.