The City of Humboldt has released an update on the Fire that occurred on Thursday, June 1, 2023, at 607- 10th Street in Humboldt. 

Firefighters were successful in extinguishing the nighttime fire in the 24-unit condominium complex. And all thirty-eight residents were safely evacuated. 

An investigation determined that the origin of the fire was unintentional and was caused by improperly discarded smoking materials on a fourth-floor balcony. 

“The quick response by our volunteer firefighters and the utilization of the ladder truck resulted in the fire being quickly brought under control. Fire damage was limited to the top floor on the west end, although many of [the] other suites were affected with both smoke and water damage,” said the City in the statement. 

The Humboldt Fire Department noted that the operational building safety systems all contributed to the ability to extinguish the fire quickly and get everybody out as safely as possible. 

The building alarm system, the smoke alarm in the initial suite, and the emergency lighting were all in working order at the time of the fire, says the Fire Department. The fire separation in the attic space was in good condition and gave the fire department the time required to be able to get the fire under control. 

The City says that there are still former occupants of the condominium complex who are in search of secure long-term housing, as well as some who are still in need of personal and household items. 

Anyone looking to donate items to the displaced residents can email, which is a dedicated email account monitored by the Humboldt Alliance Church which is receiving donations. 

The City reminds residents dropping off items to email and ask what is needed to ensure there is adequate storage. 

Anyone who has long-term rental units (12 months or longer) is asked to contact PARTNERS at 306.682.4135 who will connect you with individuals in need.

The City of Humboldt and the Humboldt Fire Department would like to thank Humboldt and District Ambulance Service, Humboldt RCMP, PARTNERS Family Services, Humboldt Alliance Church, and all Humboldt residents for the ongoing assistance in making sure all of the needs are met.