The regular meeting of the Humboldt City Council took place on Monday night, with a debate as to whether representatives of the City should attend a “One Stop Shop” for Ukrainian refugees to showcase Humboldt as a potential place of residence. 

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Canada has taken in Ukrainian refugees. The intake of Ukrainians has made Canada implement a special program to fast-track the transition to temporary Canadian residents. 

The Provincial Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) established a Saskatchewan-Ukraine Response Division in June of 2022 to actively support the displaced Ukrainians coming to Saskatchewan. The City of Humboldt was invited to represent the City as a potential place to find employment, housing, and settle into a new community. 

“On Thursday, August 25, the Communications manager, two staff members from the Humboldt Regional Newcomers Centre, a community volunteer will come as a translator, and myself will attend the ‘One Stop Shop’ in Regina to meet with these newcomers,” explained City Clerk, Lori Yaworski at the meeting. 

A decision that attending the meeting would be beneficial to the community was made, with Mayor Micheal Behiel stating, “I think this is an important step to take, and we want to continue to be an inviting and diverse culture that accepts all.”