Federated Co-op Community Spaces has been providing prairie communities with funding for special projects for the past eight years. Humboldt and numerous surrounding communities have seen donations go toward parks, playgrounds, recreation initiatives and a host of other community based ventures. This year Nokomis School’s innovative outdoor learning commons got the nod for one of the awards. 

A total of $25,000 goes to the outdoor experiential learning space that will be used not only by students at the school, but by community members as well. The outdoor project makes use of space where the school’s gymnasium previously stood, explains teacher and project spearhead, Erin Richard. 

“This outdoor classroom space includes a First Nations learning area, a greenhouse, and agricultural area. The funds we were awarded will go toward building an outdoor structure that looks like a classroom.”

The school has partnered with the Town of Nokomis to provide the space as a community learning and gathering space that can be used for meetings and other civic and recreational activities. 

A local contractor has been secured to put up the structure through the summer months with an eye to having the space ready for the students’ return in the fall. A grand opening is planned for that return. 

Last Mountain Co-op General Manager Ward Bruner is pleased to see the Community Spaces program help yet another community execute a plan for a project that bolsters environmental learning. 

“It’s obviously a big boost for projects in small communities, and it’s something that can be applied for through the program that’s been running through Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL), '' explains Bruner. “You see the community support, and that’s what our Co-op system is all about. This will be something that’s not just for the school, but it’s for the community.” 

Richard says the project has raised three quarters of its goal to date, and there’s more fundraising in the offing.

“We are looking forward to reaching out to our local community and doing some fundraising to reach that final plateau.”

Richard expressed her thanks for the partnership with Last Mountain Co-op, and she looks forward to sharing the space with the students and community. For more information or to donate, get in touch with the Nokomis School.