With a major March storm that shut down much of central Saskatchewan in the review mirror, the hope is that the worst of our weather woes are behind us. We’ll have to contend with cold air that’s moved in following up the storm for a few more days. 

“Typically what will happen when we have these significant systems that come up from the States, in behind we’ll get this wraparound of cold air drawing from the arctic into the prairies,” Environment Canada meteorologist Rose Carlsen explains. “When we see a huge blast of snow and wind like we did, those northerly winds will draw air from the north, and we’ll get the extreme cold events that we’re experiencing in the western prairies.” 

The snow may not be done with us quite yet, says Carlsen, as a follow-up low is set to track across Saskatchewan.  

“We’re anticipating another system moving through the prairie provinces mid-week. This one we’re not expecting to be as significant in the Humboldt area as the previous one was. In the interim we’re probably looking at just a few centimetres of snow.” 

Following that minor dust-up, a more westerly flow of air should be established over the prairies which will result in a sharp rise in temperatures.  

“When the west flow happens, we get a bit of down sloping which will generally warm air. The second system moving in is not as strong, so we won’t be pulling in that cold northern air again.” 

With the worst behind us, at least for the foreseeable forecast, settle in for a few more days of cold and a touch more snow in advance of much milder temperatures.