For those diehard comic book fans out there, it's Comic Book Week in Humboldt.

Thanks to a proclamation by Mayor Rob Muench and City Council at their meeting on June 10, the week of June 10 - 16 has been designated Comic Book Week in Humboldt. The week culminates with the Summer Sizzler Comic Con taking place at the Uniplex Curling Rink on Saturday, June 15th. 

The driving force is Jeff Burton, creator of the unique prairie-based superhero, Auroraman. Burton appreciates the recognition of comic books as an important medium. He goes on to point out that there are artists originating from the Humboldt area, and throughout Saskatchewan, contributing important work to the art form. 

"We have some awesome talent that's local to Humboldt. There are creators from throughout the area and Saskatchewan and these creators are really supportive of coming to Humboldt for the Sizzler Comic Con and helping to support the community."

The week's recognition and the event create positive spin for Humboldt as well. Burton points out, "It gets a bit of a blip in the online Canadian comic book community because you have other creators and fans who are saying 'this is cool that your community is behind this; I wish my community would do something like this and be as supportive.'" 

Burton appreciates the official sanction of the event and the art form, in general, creating a legitimacy around comics that many other communities are envious of.

A host of artists, creators and vendors will be on hand at the Sizzler Comic Con on Saturday during Comic Book Week.