Competitive swimmer Sam Fisher is off on another adventure. The accomplished athlete is off to the Canada Summer Games in Niagara with Special Olympics Team Saskatchewan.

Over her years in the sport, Sam has travelled across the prairies to compete in a variety of events and has proven her dedication time and time again. 

“I’ve competed in almost every stroke that they offer, which is the freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly,” she explains. “I’ve been swimming for eight years, as of next month.”

Three years ago, Fisher cleaned house at the Western Canada Summer Games when it came to her personal medal count. She returned with two gold, two silver and a bronze, and now she’s hoping for a similar result in the special Olympics national stage. She’s competed in her hometown Humboldt, in Moose Jaw and Swift Current, and to the eastern shores of Canada in Antigonish, NS. She adds Niagara Falls, ON to her list as she departs on Friday for the Summer Games. Special Olympics athletes will compete in track and field and swimming events. Sam will have a full slate of events awaiting her,

“I compete in 50 metre freestyle, 50 metre backstroke, 100 metre freestyle, and 100 metre backstroke.”

With a competitive background like Fisher’s, the sport has allowed her to see a good part of Canada. It’s also meant that she’s met a lot of competitors, and for her, that’s one of the most welcome aspects.

“I'm really excited because some of my friends from different provinces are going to be in Niagara Falls, so I get to see them.”

Sam spent her formative years swimming with the Humboldt Hammerheads club under the guidance of coach Deb Stumborg and with support of her mom, Traci Fisher. Now with Team Saskatchewan, it’s a new coach and new teammates to support her efforts. But as she prepares to depart for Ontario, Fisher still hopes to connect with hometown teams, friends and family. 

“Thank you to my mom for supporting me, and my coach. Some of my teammates, I hope they’ll be able to either watch or know how I’m doing.”

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